Eye Ultrasound

An eye ultrasound is a very quick and painless procedure done in-office. Using high frequency sound waves, an ultrasound helps our doctors see into the internal structures of the eye. There are two types of ultrasounds: A scan, and B scan. They are both helpful diagnostic tools if cataracts, blood, or other conditions prevent  the doctors from viewing the inside of the eye with traditional methods.

A Scan

With this type of ultrasound, the technician or surgeon will place a probe on the surface of your eye. An A Scan can be used to take measurements that help determine the lens implant needed for your cataract surgery by measuring the size and structure of your eye, such as the axial length. 

B Scan

This type of ultrasound is useful in diagnosing retinal detachments, cancerous tumors, inflammation, vitreous bleeding, foreign bodies in the eye and more. It will enable the doctor to examine the space behind the eye which cannot be seen directly, giving a two-dimensional view of the eye. During the B Scan, you will keep your eyes closed and gel will be applied to your eyelids. The doctor will then use a probe on the surface of your eyelid to scan the eye.

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